How to prevent sepsis diseases altogether

Sepsis is a serious complicating disease caused by compounds released into blood vessels to fight infection. The release of these compounds can actually cause inflammation throughout the body. This can cause a variety of things such as damage to the organ system which can lead to organ failure or septic shock.

Anyone can experience but usually the greatest risk is possessed by seniors and people who experience impaired immune systems. To prevent sepsis, then you must identify risk factors first, be aware of symptoms, then take steps to prevent them. The following will explain how to prevent sepsis.

How to prevent sepsis

You need to know that children and seniors usually have a high risk of sepsis. Children less than 14 years old do not have a perfect immune system so they are more susceptible to infection. While seniors aged 60 years and over, their immune systems are already weak, making them more susceptible to infection.

In addition to the age factor, sepsis is also susceptible to people with chronic health conditions. Because the body also has a low ability to fight infection effectively. As a result, people affected by severe diseases such as AIDS / HIV, cancer, diabetes, etc. are more susceptible to sepsis. Likewise with people who experience injuries to the body.

The following are some precautions you can take to prevent sepsis:

  1. Maintain hand hygiene
    Wash your hands to prevent the transfer of microbes. If the hands are clean, then the possibility of entering microbes causing sepsis into the body also becomes much smaller. We recommend using soap and warm water.
  2. Eat healthy foods to optimize the immune system
    The food you consume also contributes to the prevention of sepsis. Choose foods that are high in nutrition, especially foods that are high in vitamin C. Foods like this will strengthen your immune system, and give the body the ability to fight infections without causing sepsis or other complications. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, such as yellow peppers, guava fruits, citrus fruits, etc. have a great influence on the human immune system.
  3. Caring for the wound well
    One of the causes of sepsis is a wound that is on the body. Therefore if your body is injured, you should treat the wound well to reduce the possibility of infection. The use of antiseptic can be done to clean the wound before it is closed by using a sterile bandage.

Thus are several ways to prevent sepsis. Remember to always maintain health, so as not to contract diseases that can cause sepsis.

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